Good evening lovelies!

If you’re anything like me, you probably love getting compliments from total strangers when you’re out and about. Usually compliments given to me are directed towards my hair or complexion, but lately it seems more people are drawn to me because of my perfume. Since scent is such a personal thing, it’s hard to please everyone when you’re going about your business; even one compliment about it is worth a lot.

The cause of all my new found olfactory attention? Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia.

I’m ashamed to say that, prior to buying this fragrance, I had been using pretty much the same three or four scents for the past two years. Aside from the fact that perfume is usually pretty pricey no matter what the brand, I didn’t really know where to begin as far as determining what scent would be right for me that was out of my comfort zone, so I was hesitant to switch from what I knew.

Then, one day while taking a shortcut through Macy’s on my way home from work, I walked past a woman who smelled amazing. That sounds creepy, but seriously, she smelled fantastic. I’ve never been one to hold back my excitement when I see someone who is rockin’ something I’m interested in, so I hurriedly asked her what she had on. The answer, of course, was Acqua di Gioia.


The name was familiar to me because I had seen a commercial for the fragrance itself (and loved the piece of classical music in it so much I had to go buy that too), and I had previously had an Armani fragrance that I adored; less than a week later, I had a 1.7oz Acqua di Gioia all to myself.

Now, onto the scent itself: the aroma of this perfume is just intoxicating, it’s sort of as if the briskness of winter and the subtle crispness of water all got mixed together in one long lasting fragrance.

The top notes are amalfi lemon and mint, and although they smell rather sharp first, they die down after about 30 seconds and begin to blend with the middle notes. The middle notes, including jasmine, pink pepper, and peony, mix beautifully with the top notes.Finally, at the base there is French labdanum, Virginia cedar, and sugar.

At first whiff I can most strongly detect the lemon and pink pepper, but once it flourishes on my skin after about half an hour or so I pick up different notes depending on the day; sometimes I smell a jasmine note, while other times I catch this on myself and think I smell Virginia cedar, too. It’s sharp but also very complex – sort of like a winter day that begins by being refreshingly cold and ends with a comforting snowfall.

While the initial impression is sharp, citrusy, and sophisticated – almost piercing – it does soften into a lighter scent (which I guess must be the sugar coming through) with time. So, definitely not linear, it develops into something quite different from the first impression.

The general feeling is sophisticated, like something you would wear to give the impression of being sensual and in charge – it’s quite alluring.

I can imagine some dismissing this as “boring” or “older” probably due to the fact that it could be labeled by some as a “generic” scent. I personally would describe Acqua di Gioia as wearable, accessible, and statement-inducing rather than boring or dull. I think it’s a good thing that I really can’t imagine anyone hating it the way some people do with fragrances such as Euphoria, Poison, and Amazing Grace, for example.

 This fragrance is most suitable for evening-wear like date night or when you just want to feel pretty. It wouldn’t suit the gym or anything sweat-inducing simply because the lemon note, when brought out enough, would aggravate the smell of sweat (I know this from personal experience, so please trust me when I say that girl, this is NOT for the gym).

That said, I could care less about formality and lasting power, I’m grateful for Acqua di Gioia regardless of how long it lasts and where I wear it, because it honestly makes me feel like I could casually slay the patriarchy or run the country all in a day’s work.


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