Good evening lovelies!

I’m just gonna come out and say it: ya girl needs some help in the lash department. I’m one of those people who takes at least 84 years to finish a tube of mascara, so actually committing to one for more than like, a month is legit monumental for me. Usually I buy things like the Sephora LashStash, but, having loved their Ambient Lighting Powders, I decided to live on the edge and try the Hourglass Film Noir Mascara in the color Onyx and girl, let me tell you, this stuff is the truth.

Hourglass claims that “Film Noir’s signature hourglass-shaped brush is designed for optimal application, adding volume, length, lift, and separation to lashes. The intense concentration of panthenol (provitamin B5) adds a reflective, jet-black sheen for dramatic impact.”


As someone who has an hourglass-shaped body, I’m pretty sure the wand isn’t shaped like me. But if you look at the wand, it’s pretty much perfect for separating, lengthening and volumizing. It’s also great for getting those inner lashes and lower lashes. It’s just an all around great wand inside and out. So yeah, even if the mascara itself was lacking tremendously, the wand is just great.

As far as the formula goes, I’m not exactly sure what Hourglass means about this ”reflective sheen” but I didn’t notice much of a glossy gel-like finish, and trust me, I know what glossy mascara looks and feels like. This formula is actually pretty standard with the exception of how lightweight it feels, which isn’t a bad thing, mostly because it doesn’t feel heavy but still gives you a ton of length and volume.

The separating and lengthening power of this mascara is dynamite and if that’s what you’re looking for when it comes to a mascara, you’ll love this one. Personally I only used one coat, two tops. From what I’ve heard from others who’ve used it as a buildable mascara, even after 3 coats if you wanted to continue to push it to the limit with coating you can do so with minimal clumping.

I personally didn’t experience any flaking with this, but a bit of searching around the web showed that quite a few people did. I think this mascara would work best for people with relatively thick and long lashes to begin with, because those with shorter and thinner lashes seemed to have more difficulty.

Also, btdubbs, this stuff does not budge. EVER. Like bruh, I worked Black Friday with this on and my eyes were still killin’ it even after my shift ended at 12:30 in the morning. Talk about mileage!

Film Noir is a great introductory mascara if you use the bare minimum, but also doubles as a great professional/night out mascara when you add extra coats, and for that versatility it gets 5 stars!


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