Good evening lovelies!

Over the course of the past few winters, I experimented with different moisturizers to try and combat the dry skin I tend to develop during this time of year.

While I ultimately settled on NARS’ skincare line, which is frickin’ awesome, I tried all sorts of offerings from the likes of other brands that I’m familiar with, such as Origins, Fresh, and Dior, I also ventured into the world of Korres in hopes that their Greek-influenced skincare would be the answer to my winter woes.

Unfortunately the moisturizer I chose, the Greek Yoghurt Moisturizing Face Cream, was one of the most difficult and troublesome products I’ve come across in recent memory.

Before I purchased the Greek Yoghurt face cream, I bought an exfoliating scrub from the Korres Wild Rose line and the accompanying cleanser for the Greek Yoghurt line about two weeks earlier (which will both get their own reviews because they are fantastic) that were so impressive to me that I decided to switch my entire skincare regimen over to Korres products.

Heading into Sephora with high hopes,  I picked up this little gremlin, and my hopes and dreams for how this product would perform were crushed. This is easily the worst moisturizer I have ever used in my entire life – that says a lot considering how many I’ve tried and the fact that most are at least good if not great in my opinion.


Upon first applying this product, it truly does feel like yogurt – almost as if you spooned real yogurt out of the container and decided to call it skincare. While the name of the product is definitely accurate, the consistency of the moisturizer itself was very off-putting.

With my red flags raised due to the consistency, I applied only a small amount of the moisturizer to my face, and proceeded to rub it in. This is where this product gets ugly. When you try to rub this stuff in so it’s not sitting on top of your skin, it balls up and peels. I am not kidding when I say that I had about a quarter-size worth of balled-up moisturizer that wasn’t able to be soaked up by my skin.

I tried experimenting with different amounts of the product following the, to be quite frank, disgusting initial application and got the same results with virtually every amount I tried. It was only after letting this stuff sit for about 5 minutes that I was able to work it in and bypass the balling-up issue. For someone who likes to just apply moisturizer and move on to makeup application or just leave quickly in general, that extra 5 minutes was a huge strike against this product.

The other major issue I had with this stuff was the fact that it was overwhelmingly heavy – when I say heavy, I don’t mean heavy in the sense that it’s working overtime to moisturize the skin, I mean heavy in the sense that it was almost suffocating my skin. So heavy, in fact, that it made my issue-free skin break out – that never happens!

I should also note that this product is absolutely horrific when worn under makeup – the balling up issue transfers over to makeup application, meaning that when you’re trying to blend your foundation, the moisturizer will ball-up once more and take your foundation with it!

Interestingly enough, when I returned this to Sephora after 3 days and 6 failed applications, I had a conversation with an SA in which she informed me that more people than not experienced the same issues as me, and as such Korres is starting to phase out pieces of their Greek Yoghurt line entirely – the line encompasses a sleeping facial, the moisturizer, makeup-remover wipes, cleanser, and a face primer.

This moisturizer seriously bummed me out, but I marked it as a bad apple in the Korres collection and I’ll continue to use products from their Wild Rose line, which is everything I expected the Greek Yoghurt line to be.

Yoghurt? More like no-ghurt.


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