Good evening lovelies!

I’m gonna do my first review on something I had used for years that I know inside and out: MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid Foundation.

At this point in my life, I can honestly say I’m a foundation whore. I literally have tried something from every major high-end brand (and even some drugstore ones too) that you can think of, and I STILL look for more!

My addiction to the higher-end of foundations started back in 2011, with, of course, MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid. MAC is one of those brands that I consider to be almost a rite of passage when it comes to the world of cosmetics, since it’s not too horribly expensive but it’s also considered to be on the higher-end of the makeup spectrum.

When I first started using this stuff, I thought it was amazing; full-coverage, perfect color match, what more could I want? Well, now that I actually know what my skin wants and needs, the answer to that seemingly rhetorical question is a lot, actually.


First of all, this stuff smells like paint. Like, legit “just painted my entire house” quality. After using it for a while I basically tuned it out but at the same time, I sort of knew that hey, maybe a product that smells this industrial might not be the best to wear on my skin every day for 12+ hours.

Also, I felt personally victimized by MAC when they decided to make the ONE foundation that didn’t come with a pump my go-to. Lately I’ve been into foundations with a dropper and not necessarily a pump, but anything is better than pouring it straight out of the frickin’ bottle. I had to buy a separate pump, which ran me about $10. What’s irritating about having to get the pump, though, is that you have to remember not to throw it away/exchange it in the Back-to-MAC program; I can’t tell you how many times I had to casually sneak back my old bottle to remove the pump before they took it into the eco-friendly abyss that is the B2M program.

When I first started using this, I almost had a heart attack because of the price – $27 for foundation?! Now I look back and I miss my innocence, because I currently use two foundations at around $60 a pop and I don’t even flinch. This guy typically lasted me around 2-3 months with daily wear, though it probably would’ve lasted me longer if my inexperienced self hadn’t tried to slather on layers upon layers on any given day. Moral of the story: it’s a bargain as long as you don’t overdo it.

Even though it’s been years, this foundation is still one of the only ones, and definitely THE only one from MAC, that doesn’t oxidize by midday and turn me into an Oompa Loompa. However, it’s super full coverage so that lack of oxidation is probably because it was incredibly heavy and almost sat like a drying mask on my face, so it’s up to you to decide if you want to be pale and dry or orange and oily.

Honestly, I only stopped using this because my skin is pretty much perf and I don’t even need full-coverage for the most part. Well, that and I had just discovered that Sephora was a thing that existed and that totally changed my view on makeup and introduced me to bigger and better things.


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