Good evening lovelies!

I think as makeup lovers we are born ready to fight the eternal battle of finding a superior liquid eyeliner.

Application is tricky enough on its own, but add in environmental factors, blinking, smudging, and subconsciously rubbing your eyes, and you have a black mess on your face only an hour after application. Just thinking about how much time I’ve wasted trying to apply liquid liner only to mess it up makes me cringe.

But y’all, look no further, I’ve found the HG of eyeliner: Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er in Blacquer.

The packaging is as stunning as the eyeliner itself, silver and black used together to create a slick tube that’s worthy of it’s brand. Instant love when I first saw it. I completely adore everything about this.


I came across this by accident while looking for a replacement for my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner (the product junkie in me is making me stray from my regular squeezes), simply due to the fact that I’ve tried several other Marc Jacobs beauty products and the accompanying eyeliner seemed like the next logical progression.

While picking up a backup of my MJ foundation at Sephora (low-key super excited because Ivory 14 was FINALLY back in stock), I was instantly attracted to the Magic Marc’er because of the color on display, “Blacquer,” which is a true, unaltered black – mysterious enough to be noticeable but subtle enough to not be overbearing. After a few years of trying a million different eyeliners, I came to the realization that the key to head turning eyeliner application isn’t just the eyeliner application itself: it’s the color.

The Magic Marc’er is a liquid liner that, unlike the vast majority of liquid liners with a felt pen, gives a very harsh, precise line – exactly what I wanted. “Blacquer” as a color is beautiful and highlights both the color of the eye and the shape (it differs from the Kat Von D “Trooper” shade in that regard – this black accentuates the shape but doesn’t look drawn in, yet still is quite noticeable). It remains jet black after hours and hours of wear, and doesn’t oxidize to the bluish color that many liquid liners do.

About a month after I tried “Blacquer”, I was so impressed with the lasting power that I rushed back for the brown version, “Cocoa,” which is superb for a more casual, toned down look.

If MJ ever offers colors in the Magic Marc’er that rival the Skyliner collection, I’ll be 100% there for it.


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