Good evening lovelies!

I’m a sucker when it comes to good fragrance – when I find one I like, I stock up on everything in that scent; shower gel, lotion, perfume, you name it.

For the last year or so, I’ve been completely hung up on Philosophy’s “Living Grace” collection, and as of right now own pretty much every item in the line save for a few things that I have no particular need for. I actually love this fragrance so much that I have all of the products I’m about to discuss in supersizes!

Like other products from the brand, Living Grace has its own “philosophy” as stated on the front of every item in the line. Normally I’m not a fan of overly kitchsy and touchy-feely marketing tactics, but for this particular fragrance, I have to agree with the way they say it makes you feel. Living Grace is a very fresh, clean, energizing fragrance, and I always feel jazzed up when I use any of the products in the line. It reminds me of the cleanliness of freshly washed laundry, but no, it doesn’t smell like a Bounce dryer sheet, thank goodness.


I’m a huge fan of Philosophy’s 3-in-1 shower products, and the one that accompanies the Living Grace line is no exception. It does a really thorough job of cleaning the skin without stripping it, and acts as a perfect base for the rest of the fragrance layering products. This is one of the few 3-in-1’s, in my opinion, that actually lasts throughout the day. People have complained that since Coty bought out Philosophy in 2011, the scent longevity of the 3-in-1’s (and apparently everything else too) has gone downhill, but I don’t find that to be the case with any of the Living Grace products.

I’m no stranger to Philosophy lotions, but up until recently I had no idea why some of them were called “firming body emulsion” as opposed to “perfumed body lotion.” Turns out the firming body emulsions, of which the Living grace lotion is one, actually have skin firming properties in them that help to reduce the look of stretch marks and fade dark spots. They are also thicker in consistecy, and as such are a little pricier than their normal counterparts.

There are two versions of the actual Living Grace perfume: spray fragrance (the equivalent of an eau de toilette) and an actual perfume (the equivalent of an eau de parfum). I have the spray fragrance version of another Philsophy scent, Summer Grace, and the eau de parfum version of Living Grace, and there is no competition in longevity because the eau de parfum blows the eau de toilette out of the water. The spray fragrance typically lasts for about 30 minutes before it disappears, while the eau de parfum lasts for at least 4 hours going strong. Granted, 4 hours isn’t much compared to other perfumes, but Philsophy has always been known for not making scents that enter the room before you do. Nonetheless, the eau de parfum acts as the perfect finishing touch for the layering process of Living Grace, and the scent lasts a lot longer when you do in fact layer each product I’ve mentioned thus far.

Since Living Grace is one of the core Philosophy collections, that means it always gets new products added on, woohoo! The newest addition to the collection is the whipped body creme, which is basically just a really fluffy body butter. I adore this product so much I can’t even believe it. Once a week, I switch it out with the firming body emulsion and use it after the olive oil body scrub (which I’ll get to in a minute). It’s so incredibly hydrating, but not at all greasy. I actually think the fragrance itself is the strongest in this product, even more so than the eau de parfum. My favorite thing is to follow the regimen I just mentioned for using this, and then put on long sleeves, pants, and socks, so that it can just really melt into my skin because of my body heat.

In my humble opinion, the olive oil body scrub is by far the most underrated product made by Philosophy. It’s literally got olive oil (which is super hydrating) and salt grains (which are super exfoliating) all in the same product, and you can use it on both wet AND dry skin! You’d think that because of the olive oil, this wouldn’t do a very good job of actually sloughing off dead skin like a typical scrub, but it actually does a fantastic job. Like I said, I only use this baby once a week right before the whipped body creme, and it sets me up for a perfect skin week. I also find the packaging interesting because most body scrubs come in a tub, but this one comes in a bottle with a pump, so it’s really easy to distribute and you don’t need to use an obscene amount to get the job done.

I’m not usually one to stick with products, and particularly those for the body (especially because my collection of Victoria’s Secret beauty products is out of control), but I honestly can’t ever see myself parting with Living Grace.


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