Good afternoon lovelies!

So, as I mentioned in another post, I’ve been really getting into contouring recently. I love the whole concept of it. That said, contouring is particularly difficult with fair skin because colors come out looking ruddy, muddy, and downright orange. That kind of discoloration doesn’t apply to just bronzers – it goes for blushes too.

Normally, the rule of thumb is to stick to blushes that compliment your undertones (cool pink toned blushes for cool blue undertones and warm pink blushes for warm green undertones), but sometimes it’s fun to be adventurous and do the exact opposite, which is how the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in “Glisten” ended up in my stash.

I’ve tried a lot of makeup brands in my life thus far, but Tarte was never one I gravitated to up until recently. Why? Because the prices hurt me (and my wallet) to the core – the “Glisten” blush was $28 for a full size! Thank goodness I got a deluxe sample size for being a VIB Rouge at Sephora, otherwise I would’ve just stared longingly at the full size without ever purchasing it.


“Glisten” is very much a warm pink blush – it’s more of a peachy color than straight pink, which means it contains a lot of golden undertones. Depending on your skin tone, it may not be a very good match because it can make your complexion almost overly warm. Anyways, because this was given to me as part of a VIB sample bag, I had no choice over what color I received and as such was hesitant to try this given my cool-undertone skin.

Rather than try this out on a day when I would be out and about and receive sideways glances if the color was wrong, I decided to use “Glisten” on a day at home over nothing but my Dr. Jart WaterFuse BB Cream. I applied lightly with my fluffy blush brush as this is very pigmented, and I couldn’t believe how flattering this color was!

On my fair skin, this comes out as a beautiful light, almost apricot color – it has a very subtle shimmer and compliments the green of my eyes perfectly, and seems to brighten up my overall complexion rather than make me look like a clown. In the compact, “Glisten” looks like it is matte and far more peachy than it actually is on the skin, so some people may be turned off just by looking at it and assuming it won’t be flattering on their skin tone. That was my initial reaction as well, but upon applying it I realized how wrong I was.

After trying it out over various complexion products, I finally wore it out for the first time amongst other people with nothing but positive feedback. This is a great color match on me, but if you’re still a little hesitant about how “Glisten” will look on you, I highly recommend doing an undertone test.

Basically, all you need to do is look at the inside of your wrist as this is the most true to color part of your body. Are your veins blue, green, or purple? If they are blue, you have cool toned skin, like me. If they’re green, you have warm toned skin. If they’re purple, you have neutral toned skin (of which I am so envious because people with neutral tones can pull off virtually any color combination).

If you do the undertone test at Sephora, you can use a tester of “Glisten” to see exactly what this color will look like on you, rather than go through an anxiety-ridden period of waiting like I did.

Blushes can be a tricky thing, but if the other Tarte blushes are even remotely close to how beautiful this one is, I think they may have found a new blush customer for life!



  1. Looooove the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12h blushes, I have a couple of the holiday palettes and they are my go to ❤ Great post! Very in-depth xx


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