Good evening lovelies!

There’s nothing quite like the glow of health that perfect skin has – you know, that “I woke up looking fabulous” kinda thing that some people just have down to a science. While I have pretty happy, healthy skin myself, sometimes I want it to look a tad brighter to trick people into thinking that I didn’t stay up until 3am the night prior.

So, how does one create the illusion of brightness? One word: highlighter.

Up until recently, I had been using highlighter only to contour the highest points of my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose – this is meant to offset the recession of the lowest points of my cheekbones and the sides of my nose that I drew attention away from with bronzer.


Usually I use a powder highlighter for this purpose (lookin’ at you ABH Ultimate Glow), but I forayed into the liquid highlighter world and purchased the Shimmering Skin Perfector in Rose Gold to see if it would allow for a smoother application, since powder has a tendency to seperate after a few hours of wear. This product does come in powder form if that’s what you’re into, though (I also own all shades of this product in powder form).

After a particularly long night, I felt compelled to try and brighten the dark circles under my eyes with Rose Gold, half expecting them to look more exaggerated rather than disguised. Most people make the mistake of purchasing highlighter as sort of a makeshift concealer, and end up disappointed when it actually brings more attention to the problem area as opposed to masking it.

Knowing full well this might happen to me, I took the plunge and dotted the product across the bags under my eyes and blended with a small, flat brush. Color me impressed – that sure did the trick!

I looked so well-rested that even I had a hard time believing I had stayed up till the wee hours of the morning the night before, which speaks volumes about the brightening power of Rose Gold.

Since brightening was my goal to begin with, I probably should have bought Moonstone, which is the shade closest to my extremely fair skin tone. But since Rose Gold is my favorite color in pretty much everything, I figured I’d try it just for funsies and it worked out just fine.

I adore this product – it’s like a pick-me-up in a bottle, and at only $41 for something that’ll last over a year even with daily use, it’s a steal to boot. Even though the bags under my eyes are designer, I’m willing to kiss them goodbye if this product is responsible for sending them out of season!


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