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I’ve made a lot of posts on foundations, particularly in the liquid category, but I haven’t really talked about what I use before makeup application. Having a good canvas to work with before makeup is just as important as applying makeup itself.

One of the most important factors in having skin that’s easy to work with is using a good moisturizer, and today my focus will be on one of my favorites: the Belif Aqua Bomb.

While I’m super devoted to my NARS skincare these days, this product is and will always be one of my favorite go-to daytime moisturizers, because it’s so lightweight yet incredibly moisturizing and effective.


Belif is a K-Beauty company that claims their products are designed for sensitive skin and as such contain no fragrance or harsh ingredients. Now while I don’t consider myself to be one with sensitive skin (in fact my skin is the perfect balance between oily and sensitive, and it’s not even combination), I definitely don’t like the feel of moisturizers that are overly heavy. However, I desire the glow of hydrated skin, which isn’t usually a result you would find in a product made for sensitive skin because it’s lacking in certain ingredients.

Also, I regularly treat my skin to exfoliation and peels – both of which have done wonders for my complexion by evening out my skin tone, reducing scars, minimizing pores and keeping away breakouts. However,  because I use them pretty much every third day and have been doing so for the past year, they have a tendency to dehydrate my skin and leave me with some redness on my cheeks and dryness near my nose if I over-do it.

When I first tried the Belif Aqua Bomb, it was sort of a last ditch effort. I was having a particularly rough go with my skin, and I had tried all sorts of moisturizers (Korres, Fresh, Clarins) and even stopped exfoliating for a while but the dryness and redness refused to go away; nothing was hydrating enough, which was a weird experience for me because prior to using exfoliating products I actually had oily/combination skin.

Anyways, I was browsing around on the Sephora website, found this gem, picked it up on a whim (it’s like $38 for 1.7oz which is doable) and decided to give it a go, expecting it not to be much different from the other moisturizers I’ve tried. Surprise, surprise! I couldn’t have been more wrong!

I first applied this at night after cleansing with my Origins Frothy Face Wash, and woke up the next morning with NO dryness and NO redness; seriously, my raw-nerve type cheeks and dry nose were silky smooth the next day, and the best thing about it is that the effect lasted the whole day up till the following night.

Makeup application was a total breeze and looked smooth and airbrushed – never before had a face moisturizer had this effect on my makeup…that was a first for me since I started using makeup 7 years ago!

I’d recommend this for those who are treating their faces with frequent exfoliation (which can get a bit harsh on the skin especially with daily use), or those with easily irritated, dehydrated skin (which is what you get when using BHA/AHA or retinol). The texture of this moisturizer itself is perfect for me; not too heavy (heavier face creams break me out and irritate my skin), but also not so light that it evaporates after applying it on (it has almost a gel-like consistency).

This is now my go-to moisturizer for my days when I’m running errands, since it consistently keeps away dryness and irritation and helps my makeup apply fluidly. A true savior for sensitive-skinned users, people who want a little bit of extra hydration, and for everyone else as well!


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