Good evening lovelies!

Despite my affection for all things skincare, I’m sort of oblivious when it comes to learning the terminology that accompanies it: crows feet, dark spots, frown lines, etc. That said, I recently discovered that I’m actually very familiar with the concept of blackheads, probably because I seem to be getting them quite a bit as of late.

Blackheads are one of the most difficult skin concerns to rectify – getting rid of them often means you have to sterilize your pores and pull the nastiness out of them with either a small needle or a pair of tweezers. Since I’m not trying to stab myself or poke my eye out, I went in search of an easy fix to blackheads, and came across Biore Deep Pore Cleansing Strips.


In theory, pore strips are pretty nasty – basically you attach a self-adhesive strip to your nose, forehead, cheeks, or chin while the skin is moist, and let the strip firmly grasp on to the blackheads in the affected area. You let the strip sit for about 15 minutes to dry; the feeling is quite similar to art class where you would use paper mache, except the art piece you’re working on is your face. Then, you pull the strip off, and it brings up all the gunk that’s been nesting in your pores for God knows how long. How much dirt comes up is directly dependent on how well the strip adhered and dried on the skin, so if you mess up either of those two things, you will get virtually no results.

During application, it is very important to not put the strip anywhere near the under-eye area – doing so will be extremely painful and can actually damage the sensitive skin there. At the same time, pulling these strips off can be problematic – if you let them sit for too long, pulling them off risks creating broken capillaries and drying out the affected skin. Conversely, if you let them sit for too little, pulling them off yields no results at all.

You must make sure that you pull the strip off slowly as this ensures that the strip will fully remove the dirt from the clogged pores. Regardless of how they are pulled off, pore strips always leave a filmy white residue where they were adhered, so washing your face off is a must once you remove them. Don’t worry if your skin is red once you remove the strip – the redness will dissipate in about an hour.

Apparently, some people like using these because they like seeing the dirt from their pores on the strip – someone in a YouTube review actually called it cathartic! To the credit of those people, though, seeing is believing with this product, and you can visibly tell when the pore strips have effectively done their job.

Despite the rather obnoxious steps you have to take to use these, I do find that, with continued use, they help to keep pores cleaner over time. Biore recommends that you use these at least once per week but no more than three times per week, as doing more than the recommended amount will cause irreversible damage to the skin.

As someone who has normal skin which only gets blackheads when a face cleanser stops doing its job, these pore strips help to handle this issue in the interim between switching cleansers. Since I have horrible depth perception and don’t want to casually take my eye out with tweezers, I’ll stick to this paper mache for the face.


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