Good evening lovelies!

Today as I was cleaning out my bookcase of some of my old books from when I was younger, I happened across one of my favorite series at the time: The Clique. Don’t hate. Anyways, I was flipping through one of the books in the series when I noticed a character using a familiar brand, Bumble and Bumble!

The character in question would only use high end, awesome quality products on her hair, so it’s no surprise that the author chose to have her be a B&B user. I guess the Clique books sort of foreshadowed to what would become a major affinity of mine for Bumble and Bumble products.

If I haven’t mentioned specifics yet, a majority of the products in the hair haul that I did to combat my damage issues were in fact from Bumble and Bumble; I’m talking shampoos, conditioners, and my very favorite, the Creme de Coco Masque. With a name like that, B&B knows they’ve set the bar high in product performance.


This masque comes in a strikingly thin and easily portable tube, which is not standard for most deep conditioners and especially not in this price range (it retails for around $27 for 5oz.) compared to comparable products. Naturally I assumed that because of the packaging, the masque itself would be rather runny, easy to squeeze out of the tube, and that copious amounts would be needed for results.

This is by far the THICKEST deep conditioner I have EVER used, and I love it. It’s actually so thick that it takes a minute to be dispensed from the tube, and because of the consistency hardly any product is needed due to how concentrated it is. As far as scent goes, this stuff literally smells like Hawaii in a bottle, I kid you not. It’s loaded with a bunch of natural oils (kukui and macadamia to name a few) and their corresponding butters. I only need a nickel sized amount and, despite its thickness, actually found it easily emulsified in my hands and as such was a breeze to distribute throughout my hair.

The only way I can think to describe my hair after using this masque is “silky Hawaii.” Seriously. I left it on for about 20 minutes (you can do less if you’re in a rush) and upon rinsing out, my then-damaged tresses came out feeling luxuriously smooth and sleek and smelled like a tropical island. My fine, curly hair didn’t feel weighed down in the slightest, and was so incredibly touchable that I couldn’t even stop running my fingers through my hair.

If you have $27 lying around, long for the smell of Hawaii to follow you all day, have damaged hair in need of some TLC, or just want to treat yo self, this stuff is the truth.


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