Good afternoon lovelies!

I am a foundation whore, we know this. Usually when I try a new foundation, it’s just for funsies, not out of need. Last week, however, I unexpectedly ran out of my MJ foundation while trying to get myself ready for the day, and needed a new one desperately. So, on my 15 minute break at work, I ran into Nordstrom, stopped at the first counter I passed, and ended up with the Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation in Ivoire.

I have pretty clear skin all year long with the exception of “that time of the month,” so my foundation needs are simple: it needs to look natural, it needs to cover well, and it needs to have longevity. Ironically, I had been looking into buying this particular foundation a few months back, but then Marc Jacobs suddenly became a thing, so Chanel fell by the wayside in my mind.


When I was looking into this, I did some research as to what reviewers considered to be the best dewy/natural foundation, and this came guns-blazing out on top of all the lists. I knew beforehand that Ivoire was my shade – “look at that swatch picture, now back to me; now back to the picture, now back to me.” No, I didn’t just quote an Old Spice ad, you did.

Anyways, Chanel claims that Vitalumiere is the ultimate solution to tired skin, as it instantly revitalizes the complexion upon application – and throughout the day. The formula has ingredients that specifically target dry, dull and uneven skin, and moisturizing agents to provide hydration and comfort. A marine extract boosts cell energy to enhance radiance, and light-reflecting pigments smooth away imperfections, creating a soft-focus effect.

For a wildcard purchase like this, I actually think Chanel hit the nail on the head with that description – the finish is phenomenal – my skin truly did have a “lit from within” glow, and looked so incredibly natural. This is definitely a medium coverage product, by the way – it covers your imperfections quite well yet still looks sheer – perfect for a natural look. I use a seriously small amount of this and my entire face, neck, and collarbone are covered – which is excellent considering it takes me maybe three or four pumps of other liquid foundations to do the same job.

This is friggin’ expensive, though – my wallet cried at the thought of $60 for an ounce of product, which normally isn’t a big deal since that’s the typical cost of my other foundations, but unplanned, ya girl needed a minute to recover financially.

I’ll try not to find myself in a foundation pinch like this again, but I’ll definitely repurchase this if need be in the spur of the moment.


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