Good evening lovelies!

One of my favorite things about being ginger is how the color of my hair makes the color of everything I wear pop; clothes, my skin, makeup, you name it. I’m always experimenting with new colors when it comes to cosmetics because I think there’s untapped potential as far as what a person with my coloring can pull off.

It’s sort of an unspoken rule amongst those with red hair, be it fire-engine red or cherry-red, that you’re not supposed to wear orange or red lip color because it’s too bold, loud, and obnoxious. I have always felt the number one rule of makeup is that there are no rules to abide by, so I set out to break the biggest rule for gingers by purchasing the loudest, most intense red lip product I could find: Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Lacquer in 400.

I consider myself to be a genetic guinea pig as far as my coloring goes – not only do I have very vibrant coppery-orange hair, I also have true green eyes, and very fair skin. Even peaches and frosty pinks look vibrant on me; that means that if the “redheads shouldn’t wear red” rule applies to anyone, it applies to me.


Regardless of hair color, 400 is not for the faint of heart. It is a deep, wine red that looks somewhat muted on the packaging, but once applied, is the brightest, boldest shade of red one could wish for. If you are one who prefers to stick with light neutrals and simplistic nudes and peaches, approach 400 with caution because this is by very definition a statement color.

Armani is known for their barrier-breaking reds, and, given the fact that I have their ecstasy lacquers in about 7 colors at this point, it was a no brainer for me to pick this guy up for $38 off the Sephora website.

Because my skin is cool with pink undertones and blue veins, I chose 400, which is a blue-based red, over 401, which is equally loud with the exception of being an orange-based red (this is the one you should choose if your skin is warm with yellow undertones and green veins). I think where most people get confused when it comes to picking out red lipstick is the stage in which you have to determine if you are a blue-based or orange-based red; I am without question a blue-based red, and I found that 400 blended pretty much seamlessly in with every look I tried, and it lasted for the entire 12 hours that I wore it without fading or smudging.

This lacquer is highly pigmented – one swipe on each lip and you have a traffic-stopping red hue. You could use more than one swipe to build it up, but this lacquer is so vibrant I find doing so to be completely unnecessary. 400 is bold enough on its own and requires no extra effort to make it noticeable.

Typical of all Armani lacquer-type products, the doe-foot allows for a complete lining of the lips, while the shape of the wand itself allows for quick shading and the ability to enhance the fullness of the lips without too much legwork. This puppy is like a stain, lipstick, and gloss all rolled into one – the lasting power of a stain, pigment of a lipstick, and shine of a gloss.

Now that I’ve broken this “golden rule” for us fiery-haired girls, I highly suggest that you go and pick up a show-stopping red lip color; it gives not only an empowering self-image (hell yes you can pull off red lipstick) but also makes you feel so on point that you could casually slay the patriarchy all in a day’s work!


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