Good evening lovelies!

When you become as addicted to a certain brand as I have with GlamGlow, you automatically jump at the chance to try their new products, even if they’re not their hallmarks; GlamGlow is obviously known for their masks, and lesser known for their cleansers and exfoliators.

I don’t know what it is about exfoliators, but I’m pretty much obsessed with them, which I guess isn’t really a good thing because you’re only supposed to exfoliate like twice a week at most without accidentally rubbing your skin raw. Everything in moderation, I suppose.

Anyways, a few weeks ago, I found myself at Sephora killing time after work. I had initially gone in to buy GlamGlow’s new GravityMud mask (which is the coolest thing ever) and somehow ended up getting both that and YouthCleanse (if you’ve ever tried the YouthMud mask, YouthCleanse is the exfoliating cleanser version of that). Even though it costs $39, for a GlamGlow product this is a really good value as the bottle is 5 oz which is a lot more than the normal 1.7 oz size of their masks. I had buyer’s remorse for a few days afterwards, but that disappeared as soon as I used it!


As far as the product itself goes, if you’re used to non-scented or scented products that smell floral, sweet, or food-like, the smell of this exfoliator may throw you off a bit. It smells a bit like a Yankee candle, which is the only way I can describe it because it’s my first time smelling something like this. It’s not unpleasant, and it’s tolerable enough to put on your face for a while, but it’s not fantastic either. Personally I think that what determines your experience with YouthCleanse revolves around whether you like the smell and the look (similar to black sesame paste, just a little more on the green side); it’s the difference between associating the product with “luxury spa skin treatment” or “smelly literal mud and clay.”

My first use of YouthCleanse left me with the perception that it was quite harsh because the granules are quite large, which turned out later to not be the case. You’re supposed to use like 3 pumps on dry skin and then add water, but you can get around the roughness issue by making sure your face is damp, and using less product. Personally I find two pumps in the palm of my hand is enough for my entire face.

The combination of tea, mud, and exfoliating granules found in YouthCleanse has minimized my normal sized pores and made my skin ridiculously smooth. Both I and those around me noticed a subtle glow coming from my skin after using this. It’s really hard to not touch my skin after I use this because it’s so smooth. Sometimes I follow this up with YouthMud and girl, my face looks flawless.

By the way, this isn’t supposed to replace the YouthMud mask, so it would be a good idea to use this maybe twice a week, YouthMud once a week, and a less scrubby product the rest of the time (like SuperCleanse, the cleanser version of the SuperMud mask).

My only gripe about this is the somewhat inconvenient packaging, for two reasons: one being the fact that the bottle is opaque (so you can’t see when you’re reaching the bottom) and the other being that it stops pumping out product once you do get close to hitting the bottom, which is a waste. I’ve heard that some people use this every other day and some even use it every day, so it’s really up to you to find out how often works best for your skin. Obviously the more you use it, the faster you’ll use it up.

There are three other GlamGlow cleansers in addition to this one (all of which have matching masks), and if they perform anywhere near as well as this one, I’m in.


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