Good evening lovelies!

I haven’t always been so well-versed in niche haircare. For most of my life up until the summer before I started college, I would typically use well-known salon brands, like Redken and Pureology. I’ve been happy with these brands for years, so it’s not that the products are bad or anything – I just wanted a change.

All good things must come to an end, and I ended my era of big-box hair products and began to indulge my inner product junkie by foraying into the niche haircare world via a brand called Gloss Moderne. Because this line is fairly small, I had a “go big or go home” attitude and purchased everything that the line has to offer all at once.

Typical of most haircare lines, the Gloss Moderne collection includes a shampoo, conditioner, masque, and serum. The reason I decided to try Gloss Moderne is because I had read on a few boards that it was a godsend for damaged and dry hair, which, when I bought it, is the exact combination of issues my hair had. Gloss Moderne in its entirety is cruelty-free, vegan, sulphate-free, and paraben free. All that jazz in combination with the benefits it boasts and the chocolate scent sold me almost instantly.


To be completely honest, I have mixed feelings about this shampoo. It’s kind of inconsistent with its results – one day it can give me commercial worthy hair, the next it can make my hair look like I haven’t washed it in weeks. It’s fairly runny in consistency, so a little goes a long way. My main issue with this is that when it’s good, it’s great; when it’s bad, it’s terrible. I often feel like I have to spend extra time rinsing this stuff out because if I don’t it feels like there’s 8 tons of product on my hair. Considering this is a shampoo, that is definitely a huge strike for me. But when it does perform nicely, my tresses look free of damage, and have shine, luster, and bounce.

This conditioner is one of my all-time favorites, and with good reason. It has the consistency of a shampoo, but packs a punch like a deep conditioner. It, like the shampoo, is also super concentrated, so less is more. I actually use this in conjunction with other shampoos besides the Gloss Moderne one, and it has a stellar performance every time. It rinses from my hair cleanly, and leaves me with bounce, moisture, shine, and softness, all without weighing my fine hair down. What more could you ask for in a conditioner?

The token deep conditioner of the line, I find this masque to be extremely nourishing on damaged hair and great to use as a weekly treatment. It spreads easily throughout the hair, so you only need a quarter size at most even for long hair. I leave it on for about 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. It leaves my hair shiny and soft. I will warn you that this stuff has a tendency to build up if you use it more than once a week, but if you think you need to use it more often than that I highly suggest you use a clarifying shampoo weekly to offset the buildup.

The serum is probably my favorite thing in this line! I’m a huge sucker for hair serums – they perform the same function for hair as a finishing powder does for your face – they lock in all the good stuff. This one in particular is great because it feels weightless yet seems to be quite powerful at reducing damage and hiding split ends. You only need about a dime size, if even, of this stuff, which means it should last for quite some time. It makes my hair look like glass, to be quite frank.

As a whole, Gloss Moderne is a solid product line. I think some of the claims to totally reverse damage are a little over the top, since there aren’t any particularly harrowing ingredients in any of these products that put it above other high-quality brands. I actually think this line would be best suited for healthy hair, simply because the demand to reduce damage isn’t as strong, and this would work well for a daily, no-hassle hair routine.

My other gripe with this is the cost – when I purchased all of these, the boxed set didn’t exist; I paid around $220 with tax, but the boxed set which has all the same products is $180, which still isn’t cheap.

This is not a brand I would try on a whim – of course you can return it if it doesn’t work, but you should do your research and decide if the cost is worth it.


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