Good evening lovelies!

Like pretty much every other human being alive in the history of forever, I really hate getting up in the morning. The strange thing is that I’m a morning person and I’m always really productive early in the day, but I just hate getting up early. In that same vein I love doing my makeup in the morning, but I also love the idea of sleeping in and just rocking a “no-makeup” look. I’m kind of a diva, though, so I always end up getting up and going through my entire beauty routine anyways.

Lately, however, I’ve found a happy medium between a full-face look and a no-makeup look, and it all starts with an easy-fix complexion product: Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating Powder Pears in “Clair.”

If you’re at all familiar with Guerlain, then you probably know that as a brand they’re considered one of the “pioneers.” Guerlain has literally been around for a million years (or since 1828, your choice), so they’ve had a lot of time to perfect their products, of which the Meteorites were one of the first of their kind.


Anyways, Meteorites are light-to-medium coverage finishing powder pearls meant to be used as the final touch on a fully made-up face. While I use them for that purpose quite a bit, my favorite way to use the Meteorites is as a swipe-and-go powder on days when I don’t feel like letting the diva in me dictate my makeup routine.

There are several different finishes of the Meteorites, and my personal favorite is “Clair,” as it contains a bit of shimmer for a healthy, glowing look. Literally all I do is apply the Meteorites liberally and leave, as it covers any redness on my skin and brightens up my complexion. I usually pair it with a mascara and quick lip and/or cheek color, and I’m good to go.

I have really fair skin, especially during the winter, and the Meteorites don’t oxidize or create any discoloration at all, which is frickin’ awesome for those of us who have difficulty shade matching.

The Meteorites retail for $62 pretty much everywhere, although a few weeks ago Sephora introduced a holiday version that has a different color complex and retails for $80 (I need this one as well because of reasons).

If you’re a fan of the naturally dewy look, or just happen to have a lazy makeup day, the Meteorites are definitely worth trying, and if you aren’t satisfied with the finish, you can always try the others (which I hear are equally amazing).



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