Good evening lovelies!

There’s a certain novelty that comes with buying high-end cosmetics – every shopping trip is like a little splurge, and (most of the time) you know that you’re going to get what you pay for. In all honesty, I’m pretty new to the world of high-end makeup, being that I made my first splurge a little over two years ago. Even now, after dropping a boatload of cash on designer cosmetics during that time, I still feel a bit intimidated when going to the brand counters at the likes of Nordstrom and Macy’s.

Maybe it’s because I’m jaded when it comes to customer service (it’s what I do for eight hours a day), but I’m so glad that I can still get my fix for luxury at Sephora without the hounding that tends to come with department stores. On one of my more recent trips, I talked to an SA for about 30 seconds, and she introduced me to the Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate, the most coveted, yet unexpected product in my expansive collection.

To be completely frank, I’ve always been suspicious of brands that have cosmetics as sort of a “branch” category of products instead of their main focus – Marc Jacobs is one of the most well-known designer brands out there, and beauty stuff isn’t exactly their main fling. Given the stigma that surrounds this brand, even I was surprised with myself for going out of my way to try one of their foundations.


I had just run out of my YSL Fusion Ink Foundation (which I reviewed previously), which meant the time was ripe for finding a new replacement, less for need and more for funsies. I also had become a bit enamored with the serum-type feel of the Fusion Ink, and I wanted to try something similar from a brand I had never explored.

Aside from the serum base of the MJ foundation, it also has the fun little wand applicator that I’ve come to adore; the combination of the serum, the applicator, and the fact that this stuff comes in a pale enough shade that matches my undertones was enough to sell me after only one swatch.

The Sephora SA only had to give me a casual glance to determine I was the shade Ivory 14. Ivory 14 is the palest shade in the range as far as cool-undertoned skin goes, and Ivory 12 is the corresponding pale shade for warm-undertoned skin. I went in with a bare face with the intention of applying a sample of the MJ foundation to wear around for about an hour or so just to check for oxidation issues, longevity of wear, and the amount of time it took to go from dewy to mask-like, which is typically an issue with full-coverage foundations.

This foundation has ridiculously impressive lasting power, which, for a full-coverage foundation, seems like it should be a given but is actually pretty difficult to achieve. Ivory 14 is a perfect match for me when first applied, and is still a perfect match even 16 (yes, 16) hours later. This stuff literally looked exactly the same way after a full day as it did when first applied.

It’s a bit cakey when you first apply it, but if you let it sit for about a minute it magically covers everything and anything and makes your skin look like flawless porcelain. Since this has the wand applicator, I use my “war stripe” technique for application, but instead of doing a full swipe down all of the core areas, I just do a dot. Literally all you need is a tiny dot, because this stuff blends like the bees knees. It feels very light when worn but still manages to pack the same coverage punch as a foundation that feels super heavy (lookin’ at you MAC Studio Fix Fluid).

The MJ foundation runs about $55 for less than an ounce but, like all serum-based foundations with the magic wand, it lasts for a hell of a long time if you do the “war stripe” technique. Less is definitely more with this baby.

Normally I switch up my foundations whenever I run out of my current bottle, but this stuff is a spiritual experience and I’m not rushing to replace it anytime soon.


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