Good evening lovelies!

There was actually a period of time, long before I even thought to start a beauty blog, when I was dead set against using lip products with any color in them (what was I thinking?!), so the idea of using a lip stain or anything of the sort would’ve scared me right off.

But oh, how the tables have turned, because not only do I love NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils, I also have them in 26, yes, 26 different shades! I’ll only be focusing on the shade I reach for most often, which is also the one that seems to be a universal favorite: Dolce Vita.

I have no problem admitting that NARS lip pencils, in all formations (satin, velvet matte, and velvet gloss) constitute about 80% of my massive lip product collection. The Velvet Matte Lip Pencils are probably the most versatile of the NARS lip products, as they have the color payoff of a lipstick and the longevity of a stain. I believe there are 19 shades in the current lineup, though I’ve searched high and low and managed to find almost all of the discontinued shades as well, with the exception of two, so if you count those there are actually about 28.


The Velvet Matte Lip Pencil is a giant pencil in self-sharpening packaging, which is great because even if you put the cap on too tightly, it still won’t smash the product. I love the design of this, because the super sharp tip allows you to line your lips and really define your Cupid’s Bow, while the round sides allow for quick shading of the rest of the lips. For a matte product, this is actually super emollient and has a ridiculously great color payoff.

Dolce Vita is a medium pinky coral color leaning towards red, or at least that how it looks straight out of the packaging. At first, it looks like your typical nude-esque coral pink, but if you do a few swipes over that initial one, it develops into more of a brick red and coral shade. I think this is a shade that adapts to the natural pigmentation of the lips, so it might pull more pink on some people as opposed to more red on me. Even though it looks somewhat bold, Dolce Vita is a great shade for us fair skinned girls, because it’s just a tad bit more daring than the classic neutral. Quite honestly, I can see this working on pretty much any skin tone because of how buildable it is and the fact that it adapts.

These pencils are literally perfect for a variety of purposes: as a primer for lipstick (I would use a more subdued color for this though, like Sex Machine or Bolero), as a stain, or as a colored lip product without any additional products. They are a great medium between full-blown lipstick and a dry stain, so they really add some flair to your complexion, no matter how minimal your makeup is.

These cost $27 (they were $26 last year and Francois thought we wouldn’t notice), but given how versatile and pretty the Velvet Matte pencils are, I’d be willing to pay triple the price.


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