Good evening lovelies!

I have a confession to make – I have an addiction to exfoliating. Out of the vast collection of products that I own, from both color cosmetics and skincare, exfoliating face washes outnumber everything else by far. I’ve tried everything from the likes of drugstore brands like Olay to the prestige brands like Amore Pacific, and I believe I’ve found a happy medium with Nude Skincare’s Detox Brightening Fizzy Powder Wash.

Before I even start talking about how this stuff performs, I have to mention that the concept of it is the coolest frickin’ thing – you know Lush bath bombs? This is kind of like a bath bomb in that it basically explodes when it comes into contact water. You can use it on its own, or you can add it to your favorite cleanser, which is what I did while I was using Boscia’s Clear Complexion Cleanser.


Nude Skincare claims this can be used three times a week, and that you only have to leave on for 30 seconds to see results. It can be worked into your skin with your hands, but I find it works best when used for a full cleansing cycle with my Clarisonic Smart Profile (that’s exactly one minute).

Even after the water makes it expand, this stuff still has a very grainy consistency, almost like rubbing wet sand on your face, but surprisingly enough it doesn’t feel abrasive or rough; I don’t know how this would react on extremely sensitive skin, but on normal skin like mine I haven’t had any problems. Instead, the exfoliating beads manage to get deep inside your pores to clean out all the gunk that bigger beads might miss. The end result is silky smooth, clean skin.

I will say that the small beads can also be a con, though, because sometimes they get caught in the fine hair around the temples and become very difficult to wash out (which is probably something that’s even more difficult to deal with when washing your face with your hands).

Also, this stuff smells really…industrial. It is not at all pleasant and I’m almost glad you only have to leave it on for a short time because it gives me a headache and I would rather it smell more inviting. That said, it does seem to give a smoother base when applying makeup afterwards, so I’m almost willing to forgive the smell because of the good priming qualities.

This brand in itself is pretty difficult to find outside of Sephora, and it’s a tad bit pricy – my 2oz. container cost $42, but it did manage to last for well over 5 months, so that kind of offsets the price.

I think this product is better than most exfoliators, but it’s not the best I’ve tried – I’ve recently become very loyal to my NARS skincare, and their exfoliator is the truth. This one is a great one to try though, for the novelty of the powder explosion alone.


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