Good evening lovelies!

I don’t think there’s anything more stressful than getting a gift card to a place you love and not knowing what to use it on. I got a $50 gift card to Ulta for Christmas, and I had a wish list, but like, I didn’t want to waste my gift card on it. Sound logic, I know. I didn’t actually NEED anything per say, but I wanted a new deep conditioner for weekly use to offset the Theorie one that I use regularly during the week (I love it, but I just wanted a change). I ended up buying the Obliphica Seaberry Hair Mask simply because of the awesome purple packaging and my “treat yo self” attitude.

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I have literal baby hair – there’s a ton of it, but it’s fine as hell and it tends to get weighed down at the roots fairly easily. There’s another version of this mask for fine hair, but I really liked the purple packaging of the medium-to-coarse one so I just kind of threw caution to the wind and went with this one.


This stuff is fairly thin for a mask – not “shampoo” thin but definitely not the thickest I’ve tried. Lately I’ve noticed that masks of a thinner consistency tend to play nice with my hair, since they’re moisturizing enough to get the job done but not heavy enough to make it look like I haven’t washed my hair in a year. I applied only a small amount of this to my long, baby fine red hair and let it sit for about 10 minutes to really see results.

Y’all. This stuff is the business. I don’t know why it never occurred to me (or why it hasn’t occurred to any other company) to use seaberry as an ingredient in hair products. Seaberry, or sea buckthorn, is one hell of a super fruit. I’ve used the Fresh Seaberry Oil before and loved it, so it’s only a natural progression for me to use hair products with the same ingredient.

After applying this liberally and rinsing thoroughly, I could literally run my fingers through my hair (without the addition of styling products) and not have them get caught, which had been an issue for me on a daily basis. When my hair was completely dry, it felt like silk and was shinier than ever!

Also, a quick bit on the scent: this smells almost identical to the “Love Me” perfume from Victoria’s Secret (causal shout out to my company, no big deal). It’s not super strong, but it is noticeable, so if you’re sensitive to fragrance I would check this out in store before buying. The scent is in all of the other Obliphica products too, or at least the ones I own (those being this mask, the leave-in conditioner, and the serum).

This sucker is a bit pricy at $38 for 8oz./$55 for 16.9oz., and it’s barred from most coupons at Ulta with the exception of the rare 20% off coupon for prestige brands. I ain’t even mad though, this stuff is worth it and I’d gladly sacrifice some other unnecessary beauty product on my wish list to repurchase it.

Obliphica as a brand came way out of left field for me (I had literally never heard of it before), but of the three products I own from them, their stuff actually does what it claims and that alone warrants a repurchase in my book.



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