Good evening lovelies!

Out of the impossible number of things that I adore about the spring and summer, my absolute favorite thing is being able to ditch all of my heavy, intensive skincare products from the fall and winter. Like most people, my skin goes through little changes during the seasons, so I use moisture-heavy products in the winter but opt for much lighter ones in the spring and summer.

Since I’ve just recently finished the winter moisturizer that I use on my days off (I use a NARS moisturizer the rest of the time and I have no intention of replacing it), I’ve been on the hunt for a spring/summer one that gives adequate moisture but also feels light and breathable; not too much to ask for during this time of year. After a bit of searching around and a few conversations with the gals at Sephora, I discovered the perfect product for all of my needs this season: Origins’ GinZing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer.

Origins is an all-natural skincare line whose products are comprised of nothing but essential oils and plant extracts. That means that their products are totally hypo-allergenic and non-comodogenic, meaning if you have those annoying seasonal allergies this stuff won’t aggravate them or build up on your skin. Since I recently discovered that I have a pretty severe reaction to certain silicones, I’ve been trying to avoid beauty products that contain them as they build up like nobody’s business and can cause skin irritation.


Also, a lot of expensive moisturizers on the market right now (even expensive ones like Cle de Peau and La Mer) contain silicone-based fillers, so it’s hard to tell whether the results you get from using them come from the product actually working its magic or the fillers just “coating” your skin to give it the illusion of softness. The fact that Origins doesn’t include any of that nastiness is what originally sparked my interest in the company, because I always try to go all-natural when I can.

Over the course of the winter, I had been using a moisturizer which, although effective, made my skin feel heavy and a bit suffocated. I also think it was a contributing factor to the sudden development of dark circles under my eyes, probably because it was actually so heavy that it prevented moisture from even reaching that area. This is why my goal for the spring/summer was to find a moisturizer that had the opposite effect, while also addressing my dark circles. After a consultation with one of the Sephora SA’s where I expressed my concerns, I was recommended the GinZing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer.

This moisturizer comes in a cute little see-through orange glass tub, which I actually love because it seems that with skincare products in tubs I have to use a considerably less amount than those in tubes or bottles with pumps. The product itself is a very light, white, whipped formulation which instantly melts into the skin and makes it feel hydrated. Although it feels a bit sticky when you first apply it, that dissipates after about 20 seconds and you’re left with soft, glowing skin.

Now, I’m not exactly sure what ingredient is responsible for delivering the glow, but I’d probably say it’s the caffeine, which, in small doses, is great for the skin because it re-energizes the skin and makes it look and feel more alive. And speaking of feeling alive, this product does a phenomenal job at waking you up! It’s like giving your skin a little energy drink, minus all the gross ingredients you’d find in that kind of thing. I also think the caffeine is responsible for causing the dark circles under my eyes to be less sensitive and obvious, since it’s constantly working to firm the skin and bring the life back to it. It is incredibly refreshing and the hydration and softness lasts for the entire day, no reapplication needed.

This stuff also makes makeup look flawless when worn underneath; a lot of times the fillers in non-natural products react with the fillers in cosmetics, so they can cause your makeup to oxidize, break apart, look splotchy, and a whole other host of unintentional bad results. Did I mention it also smells like freshly peeled oranges? That’s energizing in and of itself!

This gem runs approximately $27.50 for 1.7oz, and given how little you have to use per application, that’s a bargain. I’ve only seen Origins sold in-store at Macy’s and Sephora, and online at and on the Origins website; at various points during the year Macy’s will offer some awesome gifts-with-purchase when you buy Origins from them, but if there’s no GWP I’d just buy it from Sephora to get the Beauty Insider points.

If you’re looking for a light, incredibly hydrating and truly energizing moisturizer for the warmer months ahead, give the Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer a shot – your skin will thank you!


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