Good evening lovelies!

Name one thing more disgusting than when your face starts getting grungy from not using primer or setting powder. Can you think of anything? Me neither. I didn’t use either of those today, and my face was definitely in need of a refresher, and that refresher came in the form of the Smashbox PhotoFinish Primer Water.

I first began using this stuff during the summer, when it was outrageously hot and my skin needed a break from the constant barrage of heat and dry air. At first, I too thought it was merely just water in an overpriced bottle, as I didn’t notice clear results until after a few periodic uses.


However, after continued use of it, I noticed a sort of fluidity in the application of makeup that would otherwise appear powdery or oxidize without the Primer Water. The fluid itself pretty much looks like water so you can see right into the bottle. Outside of that, this is pretty nondescript with the packaging – it comes with a cap and it’s a spray bottle, ’nuff said.

I particularly enjoy this product not only because of the calming sensation it brings to the skin, but also because it blends everything together flawlessly; you can use it either before or after makeup application, but I think it works better to reset makeup than as an actual primer, since there’s no silicone or anything to really bond with foundation. It definitely makes you look dewy, not oily, which is a really blurred line when it comes to how you want a “glowy” finish to look on you.

I’m pretty happy with this stuff overall, and I would gladly repurchase this over and over, provided the formula stays the same and the cost remains doable at $32.



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