Good evening lovelies!

As much as I love the quietness of winter and the beauty of snow, one thing I find difficult to deal with during this time of year is how pale my already super-fair skin gets, and ultimately how impossible it becomes to shade match.

On top of that, even though I have pretty issue-free skin, the winter season has a tendency to dry even my skin out, so during the winter I not only have to find a coverage product that matches my skin tone but also one that doesn’t dry my skin out even more. Enter in my decision to try Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Illuminating Beauty Balm.

When I first saw this BB cream, I was really excited because it looked like a perfect shade match for me, costs only $34, and boasted the following claim: “Urban Decay’s oil-free, silky-smooth formula features delivers hydration and supports firmer skin—instantly priming makeup so that it goes on smoothly. This beauty balm pampers skin as it evens skintone, protects against sunlight with SPF 20, and light-diffusing spheres give skin a retouched look, minimizing the appearance of pores, lines and wrinkles, and redness.”


First of all, let me say that in no way does this product blur imperfections; in fact, it enhances them. The brightening prospect is true, but not in a good way – it brightens in that it illuminates your face with shine, not a dewy complexion. Also, this doesn’t even remotely even out skin tone, given that it actually makes it look streaky and splotchy.

As far as smoothing, it does do that fairly well, but ultimately it becomes so smooth on the skin that it literally melts right off in the sun or after a workout. Does this hydrate the skin? Not even close, which pisses me off because that’s exactly why I bought this in the first place.

Urban Decay claims this BB cream enhances, and it does, only the enhancing is not of your best features, it’s of your fine lines and pores. Awesome. The SPF 30 is legitimate, so no complaints there. Additionally, there is no way this product contains 0% oils and heavy ingredients considering it makes you shine to high heaven and ends up feeling like a mask after a few hours of wear.

And finally, my biggest problem: this BB cream oxidizes to a level I’ve never experienced before in my life! If you look at the shade in the picture above, which is the “Light” shade,  it oxidizes to the point where it looks like the “Medium” shade, so I can’t even imagine what the darker tones look like when they oxidize, as I’m sure they do as well.

I can’t even show you guys a picture of what this stuff looks like on my face, it’s that embarrassing. I wanted to rush right home and wash it off, which thankfully it does rather easily. Also, I should warn you that this burns like hell when you first use it – I expect any BB cream to perform as just that – a cream, not a chemical peel.

If you guys are looking for a quality, hydrating BB cream for these last few months of winter, the Urban Decay Naked Skin Illuminating Beauty Balm isn’t it. If it can cause issues with super tolerant skin like mine, I shudder at the thought of what it would do to sensitive skin. 1 star rating here – and that’s only because of the SPF 30.


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