Good evening lovelies!

Nothing makes me quite as happy as finding a product (and particularly a hair product) that actually does what it says it’ll do. Subpar products come a dime a dozen, so finding a diamond-in-the-rough type product is always a real treat.

Now I’ve tried my fair share of hair products, leave-ins especially, and they’re usually mediocre at best.  But girl, the Drybar Sparkling Soda Shine Mist is the truth.


I’ve tried the Bay Breeze Hydrating Shots from Drybar, and actually have one of their blowdryers, but I was none too happy with the results and only used the shots because I needed a travel size deep conditioning treatment. I had a totally different experience with the Sparkling Soda Mist, which is part of Drybar’s styling line. It may actually be one of my favorite leave-in conditioners, second to Obliphica’s Moisture Cream.

Anyway, the Sparkling Soda Mist is a lightweight leave-in meant to be spritzed all over the hair, which is can be better than the conventional leave-in because spray tends to permeate and saturate every strand better than a cream would. It instantly detangles, refreshes, and gives the scalp a rejuvenated feeling (I can see this being great for those of you with dry scalps who may suffer from tightness of skin in that area). I personally think this smells very fresh and clean, in fact it reminds me of Estee Lauder’s Azuree perfume, which is a light tropical scent.

This product does exactly what it claims –  it calms and refreshes hair (this is great for those people who don’t wash their hair every day), and stops it from looking frizzy. I usually like to leave my fine, curly hair alone when I don’t have to go out and make an effort, but this product helps my hair look smoothed down, defines my curls, and quite frankly makes it look like I actually have made an effort when I couldn’t be bothered.

The biggest selling point of this for me is that it pretty much eliminates any frizz I may have without ever making my hair feel greasy. I usually apply this on styled hair, though I will sometimes use it on “second day hair” just to give myself some shine and my hair a more fresh feeling. Now, while I do find this to be a lightweight product, I don’t find it so lightweight that it won’t be able to penetrate somewhat thick hair (if it can get through my curls, it can get through anything).

My one qualm with this product is how spendy it is at $28; it’s a 4.1oz bottle and goes rather quickly if you spray the entirety of your hair (I’ve repurchased twice and each bottle lasted me about 1 to 2 months maximum). Even though the price kind of sucks, I’ll allow it because the versatility of this stuff makes it worthwhile.


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