Good evening lovelies!

I think pretty much every girl out there has a little cosmetics bag that they carry around at all times for beauty emergencies – eye makeup for touch-ups, powder to reduce midday shine, lip stuff to refresh color – but in my case, my must have beauty fixer-upper is a good leave-in conditioner.

I’ve tried a lot of leave-in conditioners over the past few years, and pretty much all of them, even if they worked well on damp hair, left my styled hair flat, greasy, and feeling coated; all with the exception of one, that is. The It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product was the only one that actually refreshed my hair during the day, and provided it with shine that wasn’t a result of product residue.

its-a-10-miracle-leave-in-product copy

Despite the fact that It’s a 10 as a brand is pretty obscure in the grand scheme of the beauty industry, the Miracle Leave-In Product seems to be a breakout star. I’ve only ever seen it sold at Ulta, in salons, and at the drugstore once in a blue moon, and even then only a select number of products from the brand are available. That said, the MLIP is a best-seller at every place I’ve seen it.

Every product from the brand claims to do the same ten basic things (modified a bit for each product, of course):

  1. Repairs
  2. Adds shine
  3. Tames frizz
  4. Protects color
  5. Detangles
  6. Prevents split ends
  7. Curbs breakage
  8. Softens
  9. Boosts body
  10. Protects hair from heat

I originally bought this product when my hair was at its most damaged, meaning the period where it felt like cotton candy and no amount of moisture or protein seemed to help it once my hair dried after using a treatment in the shower. It would feel okay when damp, but once fully dried, I was left with overly-porous, rough, splitting strands that were just horrid to the touch and basically ate moisture for breakfast with no evidence that I had even used product to begin with.

Then, when at Safeway of all places, I found this on sale, tucked behind a neighboring conditioner from another brand. Being completely desperate at that point for some relief from the horrible state of my hair during the day, I figured I had nothing to lose and bought this little gem.

This product does a remarkable job at restoring some life to over-processed hair (metaphorically of course, given that hair is already dead no matter what shape it’s in). Even though you can’t really “repair” split-ends and the like, this product does a phenomenal job at hiding them! I typically used about 3-4 sprays over the entirety of my hair, and while it didn’t feel completely damage-free, it certainly felt considerably better and gave my hair the illusion of being healthy. This stuff gave my hair a gorgeous luster, and drastically reduced the poofyness of my cotton candy like tresses. It is also an excellent detangler, even on dry, styled hair.

Surprisingly, I never used this on damp hair, so I can’t really comment on whether or not it protects color and provides heat resistance. The one claim this product makes that isn’t really true is the fact that it boosts body – this stuff is fairly concentrated, and, like most concentrated conditioners, this does nothing in the volume department (in fact it will weigh your hair down if you use too much). 9 out of 10 (or 8 out of 9 given the two claims I can’t comment on) is still pretty great for one product though!

My biggest gripe about this is the price – even on sale, a 2oz. bottle of this still cost me about $14, and normally retails for around $16. The 4oz. size is about $23, and, with daily use, you’ll use even the big bottle up fairly quickly (if memory serves me this only lasted me for about a month and a half maximum). Like I said before, this line is pretty much exclusive to Ulta and salons, and unfortunately is barred from coupons.

Given the extreme nature of the damage my hair had experienced, the fact that this stuff delivered on almost all of its claims is truly remarkable in my book – if you have damaged, over-processed hair even to the most extreme degree, this product should definitely provide your tresses some relief and get them back on the road to being healthy.


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