Good evening lovelies!

As much as I love jumping around from product to product, there are some that, even when I don’t have them in my collection, stick with me and I go out of my way to repurchase. Usually, these products end up becoming my HGs, and I try not to be without them if I can avoid it. It’s especially difficult for hair products to become HG status for me – there are so many different formulations that do different things that I just can’t fathom sticking with one for an extended period of time, let alone repurchasing.

However, I think I’ve finally found my HG cleansing conditioner, after a brief period of straying to different brands: Matrix Biologe Cleansing Conditioner for medium hair.


When I first started using Matrix, I had just made it out of a damaged hair spiral that lasted almost 3 years – my hair was cotton-candy textured, brittle when dry, gummy when wet, and impossible to smooth down or appease. I had been using Wen in the interim, and don’t get me wrong, I love it, but it’s not cost effective and I’m not crazy about all the add-on products that you have to use to get the hair they promise. All of that drama is what landed the Matrix (low-key love typing out “the matrix”) in my collection.

At this point, I was totally used to forking over $50 for cleansing conditioner, so when I saw that a liter size of this was only like $30, I was like “sign me the hell up” and just kind of went with it. This was the very first Matrix product I had ever purchased, so I had no idea if the price was going to be worth it, or whether or not it would be even close in performance to Wen.

After one use of this product, I was blown away. Consistency wise, this stuff is the perfect balance between shampoo-style runny and mask-style thick; it is a true medium consistency that feels light enough to easily be worked through the hair yet heavy enough to really rectify some damage. It also, surprisingly enough, suds up like crazy! It behaves like a shampoo in that regard, without being hella stripping while still cleaning your scalp.

Sometimes with Wen, I would find that it would leave my hair with a nice slip while in the shower, but that slip would immediately disappear and my hair would often be left feeling even more dry than it was before I washed it. I’m not sure if that was because of the protein factor, but I felt like I had to over-compensate with leave-in products to try and reverse the dryness. With the Matrix, however, my hair felt like silk in and out of the shower, and I actually don’t HAVE to use any styling products, unless I WANT to. The slip that I got in the shower when my hair was wet carried over to when my hair was completely dry, so I could easily see and feel that the product to continue to hydrate my hair long after I washed it out. This product nourishes hair so thoroughly that, even though it’s a cleansing conditioner, it almost seems like it could moonlight as a mask.

Because I was in a Wen state of mind, I used a lot more of this cleansing conditioner per wash than I needed to – at first, I would use like 20 pumps, just like with Wen. Now, I need about half the amount that I did before, which evens out to about 10 pumps for my longish hair. I’ve had my current bottle for about seven months now, and I’m only just now starting to hit the last fourth of it using 10 pumps every other day. Also, the scent of the Matrix is my jam – it’s acai, and it lasts for about 50 years after washing and I enjoy catching whiffs of it throughout the day.

Using this product on completely healthy hair is just as great, if not better, than it was on damaged hair – it gives all the benefits I had come to know and love in the past, with the addition of accentuating the healthy look my hair has without weighing it down in the slightest. I actually now have the other three versions of this cleansing conditioner in my rotation as well (thank you Ulta for the B2G1 deal), and all of them perform just as well as this one, and the scents are just as nice too.

The moral of the story is this: Matrix cleansing conditioner, in any form, is a product that is suitable for virtually all hair types with virtually any hair concern, and actually does become quite cost effective if you buy it in the liter size. If I can just finish up the last of my Wen, I can see this being my HG cleansing conditioner for the long run.


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