Good evening lovelies!

Earlier today I was thinking about staples in my makeup collection, and there are a ton that I’ll sing the praises of forever. At the same time though, that reminded me of all the products I loathe with everything in me, which brought me to Maybeline’s FitMe Liquid Foundation.

Oh my God. This stuff is so horrid it’s actually unreal. A few years ago, prior to finding my then-HG foundation in MAC Studio Fix Fluid, I had tried a bunch of different drugstore foundations to see if it was even remotely possible to avoid paying over $30 for makeup. This was one of those trial products. And boy, did I regret using it.


First of all, this product is all oil. And just because the word oily has “ily” in it, doesn’t mean there’s anything to love about having oily skin. And that’s exactly what this product gives you. Part of the appeal of this for me was how sleek and glossy it looked. See how “shiny” it looks? Yeah, that’s not because it’s dewy. It’s because this crap is practically pure oil. Also, I think a lot of people got duped with the packaging because it looks sleek and expensive. Dare I say a knockoff (and not a very good one, I might add) of the packaging of the DiorSkin Forever Foundation?

I have very clear skin, all the time, and let me tell you, this product destroyed it for a good month or so. I only used it once. My face looked like a grease vat, oxidized like no other, and no amount of setting powder would get rid of the shine it gave me. The worst part, though, was the amount of acne it gave me. I made the incredibly stupid mistake of using this right before a very important photo shoot, and got cystic acne (which I never have) all over my face that couldn’t be cleared before those pictures. I was absolutely devastated.

I returned it immediately, after only using it once. I literally used it once and it took MONTHS for my skin to recover. I was beyond horrified! I can’t even show you guys what this looks like on me because it’s so horrific. I have to admit that I, too, was lured by the commercials and wanted a sheer, yet buildable coverage that matched my skin tone. Even the perfect match wasn’t enough to make this worthwhile.

The only plus I can think of from using this product is that it made me realize that, rather than beating around the bush and settling for products that wont guarantee stellar results, it’s better to just shell out the money for a product that will both last and be effective. I don’t recommend this to anyone, of any skin type. Unless you want to give it to your enemies to make their lives miserable, stay far, FAR away from this foundation.


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