Good afternoon lovelies!

I’m finally starting to dwindle down my stash of hair stuff – there was a period within the last few months where I literally had so much stuff that I couldn’t store all of it in one place. I’ve been trying to use up all of the products that I consider “one-and-done,” meaning I won’t repurchase them again since I’ve found bigger and bigger and better things.

As far as shampoo and conditioner goes, Obliphica and Theorie are the only brands that I’ve stuck with and will use pretty much forever. I have four formulations that Theorie offers, (helichrysum, grapefruit, green tea, and argan oil) and literally everything is 100% amazing regardless of the scent. The helichrysum line offers everything I could ask for in a good hair routine, and given that the products are all natural to boot, I’m pretty loyal to the brand.


Theorie in itself is a pretty unknown brand, which I don’t understand considering how fantastic and affordable their products are. The brand is kind of hard to find – I’ve only seen it at TJ Maxx, Evine, and online through eBay and Amazon. They also have their own website, but everything is hella expensive there and they tend to be out of stock for some of the core items. Nonetheless, I would gladly pay whatever was necessary to keep this line in my arsenal, that’s how good it is.

Each line in the Theorie collection offers something a little different as far as ancillary products, but the basics are the same across all of them. I was specifically looking for a line that was neither moisture heavy (like Joico Moisture Recovery, which I had used in the past), nor protein heavy (like the Redken Extreme line) – I wanted the perfect balance between those two polar opposites, and the helichrysum line provides just that.

The helichrysum shampoo is a sulphate, gluten, sodium chloride, and silicone-free product that promises to deliver nourishment and volume to the hair without stripping it. It has the funkiest consistency I’ve ever seen – it literally is fluffy, and I imagine that if you could hold a cloud in your hands, it would feel like this shampoo. The consistency is the same across all Theorie shampoos, not just the helichrysum, so you can count of the same results throughout the brand. This stuff, even though it’s runny, is actually pretty weighted, so a little goes a long way. I find this shampoo to perform quite well; it leaves the hair feeling like you just used conditioner, but it still feels super clean without feeling dry. If you’ve ever smelled an immortelle flower, the scent of this is identical.

The helichrysum conditioner is also sulphate, gluten, sodium chloride, and silicone-free, and is considerably more weighty than its shampoo counterpart. You can literally feel the moisture level in this when you hold it, and there are little ginkgo biloba beads suspended in the conditioner that activate and release nutrients once you apply it to the hair. This conditioner does a fantastic job of really moisturizing and balancing out any damage from shampoo, and leaves hair feeling like silk both in and out of the shower. I know it’s impossible to completely get rid of split ends with the use of product, but this stuff does a damn good job of making it seem that way. It has a little bit more of a musky note as far as scent, but generally smells identical to the shampoo. This leaves my hair looking and feeling very smooth but not weighed down.

Y’all. This mask though. I have this mask in three versions (I can’t seem to locate the grapefruit one anywhere), but the helichrysum one is bae. This is like all of the drama of the conditioner, including the ginkgo biloba beads, with the added benefits of like 16 other super fruits and extracts. This guy gets right into the hair and seals it from the inside out, so your hair feels like a million bucks for a solid week. You can even rewash your hair daily after using this, and it still moisturizes long after you rinse it out! I usually leave it on for about 20 minutes, but I’ve left it on as little as 5 minutes and it still does the trick. This is literally the only mask that I consider to be on par with the Obliphica Seaberry mask.

And finally, what good is a salon brand if it doesn’t include a serum? No good, that’s my answer. Luckily, the helichrysum line DOES have a serum, which is kind of on double duty as a leave-in conditioner since there isn’t another product in the line to do that job. The helichrysum serum is comprised of a few different oils, though the most prominent is argan oil, of course. You only need about a pea size amount of this product to completely saturate your hair, and I am not joking when I say that you can literally feel the stuff softening and changing the texture of your hair as soon as you apply it. This provides me with lots of volume and lots of shine and definition, all without making the hair feel heavy. This is one of my top recommended products for those with baby fine hair, like me, that find themselves easily weighed down when they start adding in styling products.

There are a few other products in this line, but since I haven’t tried them, I’ll leave it up to you guys to decide whether or not the collection in its entirety is worth splurging on. Of the products I have tried, though, I am beyond impressed and find myself coming back for more when I run low. It also helps that the entire collection, regardless of the scent, is very affordably priced for the amount you get (if you get it at TJ Maxx) – $7.99 for standard sizes of the shampoo/conditioner/mask, $14.99 for the supersizes, and $12.99 for the styling products.

With the affordable price and amazing performance, I have come back to this line repeatedly and will continue to do so come hell or high water.



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